July 4th, 2010

Today is our country’s 234 year birthday. Our 44th President is Barrack Hussein Obama. He is a very liberal idealogue. He is moving our country in the wrong direction. He believes our constitution is fundmentally flawed.

When our economy started in a downward spiral, President Obama and the democratic congress with the help of three republicans, (Senator Spector switched parties later in the year), and one independent passed a massive $862 billion stimulus bill with the notion it would keep unemployment no higher than 8%. Our unemployment as of today is at 9.5% which is down from the high of 9.9% in April of this year, but it is not counting the millions of workers who have been taken off the list of filing unemployment. You can see the information here: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Our debt has climbed to a staggering 13,145,419,000,000 and climbing so fast I cannot post the last six figures. To see the current figure on the debt clock, click here: US Debt Clock.

President Obama has passed a huge healthcare reform entitlement with the help of the 111th Congress consisting of 60 democrats and 40 republicans. It was passed through the senate by reconciliation with the vote tally of 55 democrats and 1 independent, yea; 40 republicans and three democrats, nay. One republican, not voting. You can see the information here: Healthcare and Education Reform

There is an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is spewing oil by the barrels each and every day. President Obama did not take quick enough action to provide the help that was needed or asked for. As of today, 76 days have passed since the explosion of Deepwater Horizon which killed 11 workers on April 20th, 2010.

Illegal immigrants are invading Arizona. The state has passed SB 1070 taking effect on July 29th of this year, to enforce the federal law on the arrest and deportation of illegals. Our president wants to sue the state believing the law will lead to racial profiling. He wants to pass legislation on comprehensive immigration reform first before the securing of our borders. President Obama believes the border is too vast and cannot be completely secured.

President Obama wants to pass Cap and Trade legislation, which will increase all American’s energy costs. His plan is to make it so expensive, we will all use less energy from natural resources, thus saving the planet from climate warming.

But, of course, even after being in office for over 17 months and having a democratic congress, all these problems boil down to “it is all Bush’s fault“.

It is, in my humble opinion, that if the GOP does not win enough seats in November of this year to take back control of both houses in congress, America will be in a downward spiral to Socialism. No longer the Republic for which it was founded in 1776.

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